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Steadfast Workplace Risk: Your People Risk Solution.

Network Insurance Group has partnered with Steadfast Workplace Risk, leveraging their over 30 years of experience in workers' compensation and people risk across all jurisdictions in Australia. This collaboration ensures that our clients receive market-leading services, including:

  • Broking
  • Claims
  • Return to Work
  • Self-insurance
  • Health, Wellbeing & Recovery
  • Work Health & Safety (WHS)
  • Accident & Health

This information is created by, and relates to services provided by, Steadfast Workplace Risk Pty Ltd.

Steadfast Workplace Risk

Why are we different?

Workers compensation is about the health and recovery of a worker and must have the fundamental basis of achieving this in a durable and safe manner. Simply, this is a health product requiring health solutions; the only difference is how it is funded. Based on the above philosophy, we have developed a unique national model to help achieve optimal outcomes for businesses, as well as assisting with the health and recovery of their employees. Steadfast Workplace Risk offers market leading solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Specialty Consulting
  • National Medical Hotline
  • National Legal Hotline
  • Work Health & Safety

Our Workplace Risk Assessment of Performance (WRAP) report assists employers with base-line benchmarking, that incorporates:

  • Premium, claims, WHS and performance analytics
  • A comprehensive strategic claims management review
  • Return to work and injury management system gap analysis
  • WHS system desktop audit in line with ISO45001 requirements

Steadfast Workplace Risk is part of Steadfast Risk Group’s suite of comprehensive risk management solutions, complementing a business’ overall risk management strategy.

Broking Services

Broking Services

Steadfast Workplace Risk is a full-service workers compensation specialist, dedicated to managing, negotiating and structuring national insurance programs. Our focus extends beyond managing policies, to that of helping to achieve our clients’ long term strategy, minimising direct and indirect costs. This includes early intervention, return to work co-ordination, management of claims and implementation of our network of medical and legal providers.

How can we add value?

Steadfast Workplace Risk places workers compensation insurance cover for employers in all jurisdictions. Our national team provides advice on:

  • Understanding your business and structure
  • Reviewing your classifications
  • Premium forecasting
  • Negotiating rates in risk states (ACT, NT, TAS & WA)
  • Helping minimise premiums in managed fund states (NSW, QLD, SA & VIC)
  • Education and training on premium
  • Wages Definition
  • How claims decisions impact premiums
  • Impact of business growth > Mergers and acquisitions
  • WorkCover appeals and retrospective adjustments
  • Self-insurance feasibility analysis & licence application
  • Accident & Health products
  • Retro Paid Loss and Burning Cost

Injury management and early intervention is vital to the health, safety and welfare of employees. Steadfast Workplace Risk can assist to reduce costs by:

  • Developing and implementing injury management strategies
  • Helping to ensure that costs on the claim are justified by proven results
  • Assisting with legislative requirements
  • Encouraging and facilitating early reporting of injuries
  • Providing direct access to our exclusive medical network
Claims Management

Claims Management

Workers Compensation is about the health and recovery of a worker. Simply, this is a health product requiring health solutions; the only difference is how it is funded.

To achieve our claims management philosophy Steadfast Workplace Risk:

  • Utilise our early intervention model which includes national medical networks and 24/7 hotline support support in conjunction with our claims experience in both conventional and self-insurance environments
  • Support relevant Managers and Supervisors so they can develop appropriate return to work strategies, in conjunction with the injured workers, doctors and other service providers
  • Provide a proactive approach which includes case conferencing with relevant medical practitioners
  • Provide full end to end claims management for self-insurance on behalf of employers

Steadfast Workplace Risk conduct regular, active reviews with our clients, agents/insurers, legal providers and other key stakeholders such as rehabilitation or medical providers, promoting:

  • Regular and scheduled meetings with all identified contacts
  • Continual communication
  • Identification and management of changing risks and barriers
  • Constant screening
  • Review of liabilities and accuracy of appropriate payments under relevant sections of the Workers Compensation legislation
  • Optimal outcomes utilising industry leading medical treatment and Return to Work (RTW) guidelines in conjunction with local and interna
Return to Work & Injury Management

Return to Work & Injury Management

Steadfast Workplace Risk helps manage workers’ injuries both effectively and efficiently as we believe that claims management and return to work is vital, but only part of the injury management process.

Injury management involves early intervention in medical treatment, return to work, claims handling, rehabilitation and human resource management practices in the workplace.

Depending on the size of an organisation, in most jurisdictions there is a legislative obligation for employees to comply with having a Rehabilitation and RTW Co-ordinator. Steadfast Workplace Risk has the ability to act nationally as your RTW Co-ordinator.

Services we offer:

  • Develop/review Injury Management and Rehabilitation policies and procedures
  • Notification of claims
  • Stakeholder contact
  • Case conferencing
  • Developing return to work plans
  • Reviewing medical certificate compliance
  • Wage reimbursement entitlements
  • Direct access to our medical network

Steadfast Workplace Risk has implemented a unique national model, providing the most effective and efficient concierge services for early diagnosis, enabling injured workers to get the right advice at the right time. We provide the injured worker faster and more accurate information, helping to allow them to either stay at work or return to work in a more timely fashion.


How we support your team:

  • Concierge management of your injured workers
  • Treating doctor driven pathway management
  • Full integration across all health care providers
  • End to end performance and quality management
Health, Wellbeing & Recovery

Health, Wellbeing & Recovery

The ultimate objective of Steadfast Workplace Risk is to return people home the same way, or better, than they arrived. We focus on providing support to enable people to increase control over their health, happiness and prosperity. Simply, overcoming difficulties and achieve what they want out of life.

The cost of workplace accidents and diseases, both physical and psychological, are incurred by way of medical and hospital costs, time lost, replacement costs, injury management, occupational rehabilitation and workers compensation payment/premiums. The ultimate objective of Steadfast Workplace Risk is to assist our clients in preventing accidents and minimising losses to a point as low as is reasonably practical.

Steadfast Workplace Risk offers a unique service encompassing preventative health, early intervention, support and long-term care for employers and their workers.

Our exclusive model supports these fundamentals, providing best in class services including but not limited to:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Manager Assist (Mental Health Support)
  • 24/7 Hotline Support
  • National GP/Specialist Network
  • On-site Wellness programs
  • Pre-Employment assessments
  • Work from home assessments
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Audiometric testing
  • Noise monitoring
  • Air monitoring
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Fitness for work assessments
Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety

With occupational injuries, accidents and diseases incurring high costs to employers both directly and indirectly, Steadfast Workplace Risk believe Work Health & Safety programs must be included in risk management corporate goals.

The first step of the continual improvement process of a WHS system can only begin once an organisation’s baseline health and safety performance has been determined using competent audit criteria (ISO45001).

In additions to audits, Steadfast Workplace Risk can assist with:

Work Health & Safety

  • Safety Management systems
  • Site inspections
  • Incident investigation
  • Hazardous substances audit
  • Dangerous goods audit

Occupational Hygiene

  • Workplace air monitoring
  • Hazmat building inspections
  • Mould identification & remediation
  • Acoustic & noise surveys
  • Back to work cleanliness inspection and certificate


  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental assessment
  • Business sustainability
  • Contaminated land & water management
Contact Us

Contact Us

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to offer innovative broking, claims and risk management solutions. Our focus extends beyond managing policies, to that of helping to achieve a business’ long-term strategy, minimising direct and indirect costs. Our objective is to return people home the same way, or better, than they arrived. Our premise is that irrespective of the policy, people risk is about managing an employee’s health, hence requires health solutions; the only difference is how it is funded.

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