Quinton McCauley

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Quinton McCauley

General Manager, Technical Broking

I consult to a diverse range of global and Australian corporate clients, and design insurance and risk transfer solutions to meet their critical exposures. I seek to deeply understand my clients' organisational DNA, risk profiles, and markets. If I do not fully understand these at first, I will not rest until I do.

I strive to ensure my clients are protected by best in class risk transfer structures. I thrive on the challenge of representing them to insurers, positioning their risk profiles and securing market leading insurance coverage. I enable my clients to take calculated risks, in the knowledge that their balance sheets and key stakeholders are protected should the worst occur.

My core values are:

Integrity: a brand, whether corporate or personal, rests on delivery of both spoken and unspoken promises. Integrity is the ability to deliver on these without fail. Consistency is my core commitment.

Improvement: I am performance-driven and take pride in delivering results that were better than yesterday, and better than expected. I constantly seek opportunities to refine strategies and processes to deliver improvement.

Collaboration: the best results can only be obtained with complete buy-in from all stakeholders – both external and internal. I strive to quickly move from rapport to relationship. I leverage this and the strength of team to deliver better outcomes for all.