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Insurance for Individuals and Australian Sailing Members

Australian Sailing

Network Insurance Group proudly offer Australian Sailing Affiliated Clubs exclusive access to sailing travel insurance and personal injury insurance programs.

Applicable insurance packages

Personal Injury Insurance

Automatic cover for any current financial members of an Australian Sailing Affiliated Club

Australian Sailing members

This Insurance program provides benefits to registered members of Australian Sailing Affiliated Clubs who, through injury or accident, incur financial loss and who otherwise have not received assistance.

Automatic Cover

Cover is Automatic for any financial member of an Australian Sailing Affiliated Club.

Cover is also extended to:

  • Participants in an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing course (when registered in the national database) for a period of up to 3 months after completion of the course.
  • SailPass holders (on the days registered).

Cover is not valid if participating at, or on the premises of a non affiliated club.

Australian Sailing Summary of Insurance Cover
Death & Permanent Disablement

A lump sum benefit is payable in the event of death or a Permanent Disability. The scale of benefits is defined in the policy.
The death benefit is $75,000 for members aged up to 85 years old and $10,000 for members under 18.

Non Medicare Medical Expenses

Reimburses up to 100% of Non-Medicare medical expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 subject to a $50 excess. Claimable expenses are private hospital bed and theatre fee, ambulance, net of any recoveries from private health insurance. Cover is limited to expenses incurred within 12 months from the date of injury.

Physiotherapy Benefit

Reimburses between 75% to 95% of costs incurred up to a maximum of $30 - $45 per visit up to a maximum of $750. Cover is limited to expenses incurred within 12 months from the date of injury.

Student Tutorial Costs

Reimburses up to 80% of costs incurred up to a maximum of $300 per week for home tuition by a qualified tutor if the Injury stops the Insured Person from going to their external tutor outside the home for up to 52 weeks with a 7 day excess period.

Domestic Help Benefit

Reimburses up to 80% of costs incurred up to a maximum of $300 per week for a recognised and licensed home help service if the Injury stops the Insured Person from usual and normal duties as a homemaker, sole provider for dependant children such as child-minding, cleaning, cooking, school pick up and drop offs for up to 52 weeks with a 7 day excess period.

Broken Bones

We will pay up to $5,000 any one accident. Cover only applies if the event occurs within twelve (12) calendar months of the date of Injury. Please refer to the policy wording and Certificate of Insurance for details of the cover provided and policy limits.


We will pay up to $5,000 any one accident. Cover only applies if the event occurs within twelve (12) calendar months of the date of Injury. Please refer to the policy wording and Certificate of Insurance for more details of the cover provided and policy limits.

Loss of Income

Weekly Benefit 100% of pre-Injury Salary, if prevented from working in your Occupation up to a maximum of $300 per week. The benefit period is 52 weeks and the excess is 7 days.

Funeral Benefit

We will pay up to an additional $10,000 for funeral expenses in the event of the death of the insured person where the death is covered by this Policy.

Policy Documents

Off The Beach Dinghies

We are pleased to confirm we have entered into partnership with one of Australia’s most progressive and largest boat insurers Club Marine to deliver an insurance package for owners and sailors of “Off The Beach Dinghies”.

This cover is applicable to trailerable, non-powered sail boats launched off the beach.

Network Insurance Group’s “Off The Beach Dinghy” cover offering is now provided by Club Marine, an Australian insurance agency backed by the strength of Allianz, one of Australia’s largest general insurers. Club Marine actively supports more than 100 yacht clubs, fishing tournaments, boat shows, regattas and volunteer marine groups.

We have worked with Club Marine to develop an insurance package for “Off The Beach Dinghy” owners which may be tailored to suit your boating needs.

Features and Benefits
  • Sailboat racing cover up to 100NM race length
  • Australia wide coverage
  • Australia wide transit cover for boats designed to be transported on own trailer
  • Up to $10 Million legal liability cover arising from the use of the boat
  • 24/7 emergency claims service
How to arrange cover:

NOTE: For the most competitive pricing, please use Promo Code NTWRKSAIL.

Marine Hull

Yacht, Sailboat & Cruiser Insurance

Protection for your sailing craft

Together with specialist sailing underwriter Club Marine we offer you insurance protection for your Yacht, Sailboat or Cruiser. Get protection in the event of a crisis, such as collision, sinking, fire, storm or theft.

Club Marine can tailor your policy to suit your individual boating needs.

Club Fleet Insurance

Tailored Insurance for sailing clubs needing to insure multiple boats or “club owned boats”. Network Insurance Group will tailor and source a range of competitive quotations to match your clubs risk management requirements.

Specialist Regatta Insurance

Cover your yourself and your yacht while in transit and competing overseas

When participating in racing events it is often a requirement for entry that you and your vessel have public liability insurance. Our specialist regatta cover provides a minimum of $AUD 10,000,000 in public liability cover worldwide.

The policy Covers
  • Loss or Damage to the insured yacht whilst:
    • It is in transit by sea and/or land conveyance
    • It is racing excluding ocean/bluewater racing
  • Legal Liability to Third Parties up to $10,000,000

Please note that there is no renewal of this insurance available, should an extension of cover be required, or new cover be required, you will need to reapply.

Acceptable off the beach dinghy classes

Please note the below acceptable Off the Beach dinghy classes for Overseas Transit and Racing Cover:

125 BIC Techno 293 Flying Ant Laser Radial Otimist Skud 18
12’ Skiff Cadet Flying Dutchman  Manly Junior  OK  Spiral
29’ers Cherub Formula 16 Maricat Paper Tiger Taipan
 2.4m Contender Formula 18 MG14 Pelican Tasar
 420 Corsair Heron Mirror Prindle Topper
 470 Envy 4.3 Hobie Moth Raceboard Vagabond
 49’ers Impulse Nacra RS 100 Vee E
 505 Finn International 14 National E RS-X Vee Jay
 Access Dinghies Fireball Laser Northbridge Junior Sabot Windrush
 B14 Flying 11 Laser 4.7 NS14 Sharpie Windsurfer.
Flying 15 Open Bic Skate

If your boat is not listed above list please contact us for a quote and acceptance.

To arrange cover

Our application form is being updated. For more information on getting covered:

Travel Insurance tailored for Racing

Unlimited medical expense cover for Australian Sailing Members whilst participating in racing events overseas.

  • Exclusive to Australian Sailing Affiliated Club Members
  • Cover for Racing events in Australia or Overseas
  • In partnership with AIG - Pay online and get instant cover
Exclusive to members of Australian Sailing Affiliated clubs

Most Travel Insurance policies generally exclude any cover for personal injury/emergency costs whilst participating in any type of sport ‘Racing’.

The Network Insurance Group Travel Insurance Policy arranged via AIG Insurance is specifically designed to provide unlimited medical expense cover for Australian Sailing Members whilst participating in Yacht Racing events overseas.

Get a quotation & place cover online

All policies placed through our AIG portal will automatically include endorsement from AIG to cover approved Yacht Racing events. Please read full conditions below.

Special policy coverage conditions
  1. This policy will not cover Third Party Liability attaching to a waterborne craft. Should this cover be required, we recommend you arrange this under our overseas Yacht Insurance Coverage detailed elsewhere in our website. Should you charter a boat overseas and require Liability cover, we recommend you arrange boat insurance coverage for the minimum sum insured on the hull as this will provide $5M Third Party Liability Cover.
  2. The Policy Wording is endorsed to note the following:
    Notwithstanding anything contained in the AIG’ Annual, International and Domestic Travel Insurance Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording [PDS JM 10/00237 [RB]] [“Policy”] to the contrary, the reference to “…racing other than on foot…” in “C) LOSSES NOT INSURED UNDER ANY SECTION OF THIS POLICY” C3 of the Policy, does not apply to Your Participation in an organised yachting race where such yachting race:

    • has been organised by or sanctioned by WORLD SAILING or

    one of

    • WORLD SAILING’s Member National Authorities, including but not limited to Australian Sailing Limited; and
    • does not involve vessels that are primarily powered by an engine; and
    • does not involve racing more than 20 nautical miles offshore; and
    • is conducted in weather conditions that the vessel is designed for and does not involve any racing between sunset and sunrise; and
    • is conducted in accordance with the organiser’s guidelines and requirements and the instructions of the organiser are followed at all times.

    Provided always that:

    • You wear appropriate safety gear (including but not limited to life jackets) at all times  during the yachting race; and
    • the cover provided by this Endorsement does not apply to the insurance provided by this Policy under “K) YOUR  LIABILITY FOR CAUSING LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, INJURY OR DEATH”.

    Provided further that the cover provided by this Endorsement only applies during Your Participation in the organised race itself and does not  apply to:

    • any other racing; or
    • any other travel by sea vessel; or
    • any other travel in international waters in a private sail vessel or privately registered sail vessel

For the purposes of this Endorsement, “Participation” is defined as participation in the usual preparation for the race, including but not limited  to, briefings, course familiarity sailing and practice races. However, “Participation” does not include training or practice for the race that is not directly arranged by the race organisers in affiliation with the planned race.

  1. There is no renewal of this insurance available, should an extension of cover be required, or new cover by required you will need to reapply.
  2. Please read our Financial Services Guide (PDF format)

Personal & Business Insurance

Great insurance rates for members of Australian Sailing Affiliated clubs

Backed by the strength of Steadfast, Network Insurance Group can offer Australian Sailing members great pricing and cover on their personal and business Insurance.

We have direct access to the quoting databases of several major insurance underwriters and our buying power ensures competitive pricing and coverage.

Life insurance for Australian Sailing members

All Sailing enterprises depend on their key people and their families

Critical to running any business are the owners, executives and key specialist employees, who provide the capital, generate the revenue, manage the daily affairs, plan for the future and create the profits. Unplanned events affecting these key people can have a severe financial impact on families and businesses. Network Insurance Group can provide you with specialist advice on your Business & Life Insurance requirements.

Personal Life Insurance

Protection for you and your family. Insurance can be structured to provide for such things as the repayment of debt upon death or disability, financial assistance for dependants and protection against the loss of income. Personal Insurance cover includes:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
  • Trauma Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection
Business Insurance

In any business, particularly SME’s, unplanned events such as the sudden death, illness or disablement of these key people can severely impact the business financially.  Protect against these possible impacts.  Business Insurance Cover includes:

  • Keyman Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Insurance (or Partnership Buyout Insurance)
  • Guarantor Protection (Business loan protection) Insurance
  • Business Expenses Insurance
Group Life

Group Life insurance is a single policy that allows many members of an organisation to purchase a policy with competitive wholesale premium rates, offering minimal or no medical underwriting and simple administration provided by your broker. Included cover can vary and can include Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or even Group Salary Continuance (Income Protection).

With the right benefits program in place, businesses can offer employees (including owners) unrivalled security at a low cost to the business.

Our process

Consult & Review

Consult with you to get a clear understanding of your business. We will ask probative questions surrounding strategic, hazard and business risks of your business.

Analyse & Design

Based on this information we will search the market for the best cover and consider the best options available for your business. We will design a proposal to suit your needs.

Deliver & Implement

Once you have agreed to your risk management plan we will implement and setup your cover.


We pride ourselves in maintaining on going relationships with our clients. We will check in regularly to ensure you’re comfortable with your cover and to ensure you’ve had no major change of circumstance.

100% Australian Owned

Why choose Network Insurance Group

Network Insurance Group are a 100% Australian Owned Insurance Broker backed by the Steadfast Group. We specialise in general Risk Management, Workers’ Compensation, Claims Management and Specialty Industry Risks.

Network Insurance Group has a long established track record of financial strength, integrity and delivery for our valued and long standing customers. In trusting Network Insurance Group, our customers benefit from market leading expertise and specialism across a range of diverse industries, products and services.

Our associations, groups and industry sectors we currently serve

  • Associations

  • Alpine & Ski Fields

  • Bottle Shop

  • Builders Warranty

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Motor Dealer Insurance

  • POAAL / Postal / Couriers

  • Handysure Insurance

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